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international college presentations

On Friday April 4th  2014, in the international college IC, the Diet Center team gave 2 awareness presentations to grade 7... more

Moroccan cooking Class at College Notre Dame De Jamhour

As part of the series of cooking classes held at College Notre Dame De Jamhour, a Moroccan cooking class was held on February 18 2014. It began with... more

Stella Beauty clinic

On Thursday February 6th, the diet center was at Stella Beauty clinic located in Marelias. The clinic offers a wide variety of beauty treatments and... more

Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour

Mrs Sawsan wazzan and her team continue in giving cooking classes at Jamhour school every month. The audience consists of working mothers,... more

Unesco MedDiet Event

In light of our ongoing MedDiet project which is funded by the European Union in collaboration with the CCIAB, a final big event was held on the... more

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